Shipping Policy

Until further notice Mr. Wagner’s offers a R100 flat shipping fee.

For custom orders, please be in touch with us.

The Company will offer delivery of the Cannabis by courier directly to the Member’s home or office, anywhere in South Africa. Delivery details including the delivery fees of the order will be supplied to the Member.

Cannabis delivery fees are not included in the Membership Fee. Delivery fees will be charged separately and in accordance with the courier company’s service fee. The courier company will be responsible for delivery of the Cannabis to the Member’s specified geographical area. The Member’s geographical area will be selected by the Member on the Website.

To the extent that the Website accepts the Member’s order, the Company will notify the Member of the date of the expected delivery, which expected delivery may be agreed upon as between the Company and the Member.

The Company shall notify the Member in the event that the Company is unable to deliver the Cannabis during the Delivery Period.

In the event that the Member’s Cannabis cannot be delivered in any given month for any reason whatsoever, the Company shall communicate this to the Member as soon as reasonably practical. Where the order was cancelled as a result of events within the Company’s control, the Company shall reimburse the Member all amounts paid by the Member for the month in which no delivery could take place, subject to compliance with any applicable cancellation policies and procedures applicable from time to time. To the extent that delivery of any Cannabis became impossible for any reason beyond the control of the Company, the Company shall not be obliged to refund the Member the Membership Fee for the month in question but may elect to do so in its sole and absolute discretion.

Prior to delivery of the Cannabis, the Member will receive an email notification confirming delivery at an address nominated by the Member. Should the Member fail to respond to the email notification, the Company will assume that no change in address has been made and the Company will deliver the Cannabis to the address nominated by the Member.

The Company’s obligation to deliver the Cannabis to the Member is fulfilled upon delivery of the Cannabis to the physical address nominated by the Member for delivery. The Company is not responsible for any loss or unauthorised use of the Cannabis after the Cannabis has been delivered to the physical address nominated by the Member.

Should the Member provide the Company with incorrect address details for the delivery of the Cannabis, the Member will be liable for a double fee payable to the courier service which will be debited from the Member’s account.

For further details, please view our Terms of Service.