Is this legal?

According to the Constitution you have the right to privacy. That right to privacy allows us to do what we do.

Here’s how:

The September 2018 Judgment of the Constitutional Court of South African Law currently states that adults are entitled to cultivate and consume cannabis for their own personal use, in private. The Court also acknowledges that “private spaces” exist outside of the home.

So, when you join Mr. Wagner’s, you’ll still be growing for your personal use, in private, simply by renting out or leasing a private, demarcated piece of land from us on which to grow that plant.

You’ll also be sub-contracting our ‘growing and gardening services’ to make sure it’s AAA-grade quality Cannabis.

In simple terms paying our fee is strictly for:

• The rental of space
• The services rendered by certain growing professionals
• Any ancillary services

How do I become a member?

We have made becoming a Mr. Wagner’s member as easy as completing your membership form. You can also contact us via our contact page if you get stuck.